Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2018





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If your ever search your family tree
for those that branch a part of me
I’m sure you’ll find a friend of mine
who loves to spend some special time
the one who sleeps to share the nest
who loves the snow and will invest
to run the yards and chase the ball
without a whim or care at all
who likes to bark and talk in tune
to rest it’s head to feel your gloom
and never fuss to pick and fight
to growl or snarl or even bite
but will protect to fend for thee
when one that breaks the company
of those we love and hug so tight
be at my door each day and night
a treat to always let them know
we think of them and love them so
and in return to wag the tail
we will not fail nor shall we fail
no matter kind or pedigree
it’s never hard but plain to see
just how much love they fill your heart
like life itself to play the part
I won’t forget the time we share
your smiley face your fuzzy hair
to rest your old and sleepy eyes
a kiss hello or sad goodbyes
so if you get the urge to pet
to find a dog and not neglect
your sure to find a friend so true
that nestles deep inside of you….

by martin gedge©

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