Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 2, 2019

Our senses~by rldubour



Our Senses

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All ready to be opened from the
moment of our birth.
These are our gifts for life, with
our first breath on earth.

Most know of only five, I feel
there must be more.
So I went searching on the net and
found what I was looking for.

Besides the constant ones we use
our sixth is why I write.
The sixth sense that I have found,
still can not pronounce it right.


This sense is called kinesthetics
essential in everything we do.
A sense of timing and coordination
and keeps our balance true.

Motor control and manner in
which your body moves.
And levels of intelligence that
I’m trying to improve.

The ability to interact with
dimensional shapes.
A feeling of apprehension
as we all try our escapes

This sense detects our bodies movements
all muscles, tendons and joints.
And also checks our bodies position
regardless how it points.

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