Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2016

Daily missive for Monday the 12th of September.~ Locked on the inside.~by Peter Forster


Daily missive for Monday the 12th of September.
Locked on the inside.

There are no clouds
On the horizon
But that does not mean
There will be
Silver linings,
As there is no horizon
Just roof tops,
A bunch of chestnut trees
And a crow’s nest.
It is either,
An idyllic landscape
Or a very still life.
The view from a bedroom
Which is steeped
In the aroma of love,
Imbued with the scent of passion
And infused
With the memory of
A place of safety,
A haven in an uncertain
Where the pattern
Of a day
Can be shaped,
As the best of it rolls
Past the window.
Keeps reality at bay,
With no wind to scatter
The cobwebs
It is a cocooned shrine,
An unchanged moment,
A split second
Freeze framed romance.
Into indifference,
By what may seem
On the outside
To be a beautiful day.

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